How a dedicated, modern network is faster, more secure and less costly

Case Study – DentonWildeSapte

The Business Problem

Top UK-based law firm Denton Wilde Sapte needed a supplier to link its new Milton Keynes office to its existing London office. This new network had to be highly secure and fast with high bandwidth capacity to fulfil its growing data traffic needs.

“We needed a secure, fast and reliable network to link to our new Milton Keynes office at The Pinnacle with our Fleet Place office in London. The nature of our business means that data security is of the utmost importance to us as well as high data speeds”.

David Everitt, IT Technical Architect and Quality Manager, Denton Wilde Sapte

After thoroughly researching the market the firm found it was impossible to get the capacity they needed from a traditional leased line network. It was clear that a dedicated network was their best option – not only in terms of capacity but also financially in the long-term, especially in terms of lower cost future network upgrades.

In the end the firm chose Geo because we could provide a dedicated 1GB fibre network that would deliver the kind of high speed, reliability, security and future-proofing they needed for the long-term success and growth of their business.

Thanks to a wealth of experience gained in building and managing more than 3,000 km of network across the UK we had the expertise to design and build a fibre network that was exactly what Denton Wilde Sapte had been looking for.

We successfully connected the firm’s two offices using both our existing London fibre, which uniquely runs several metres deep through the capital’s sewer system, and our national fibre network which follows the route of the UK’s gas network.

As both networks run so much deeper underground they’re far less vulnerable to damage than most others that lie just beneath the surface of the country’s road system.

The Benefits

Having the most modern, dedicated fibre optic network on the market means Denton Wilde Sapte now has the highest levels of control, security and reliability. They’ll never have to share their network or shape traffic and they can easily and cost-effectively scale up their bandwidth as high as needed. Denton Wilde Sapte now has the agility to seize growth opportunities as they emerge.

And being able to take advantage of pay-as-you-grow economics means the firm only pays for what it needs, as it needs it – avoiding lump-sum expenditure.

About Denton Wilde Sapte

Denton Wilde Sapte is a top UK-based law firm with offices around the world including an impressive Middle East and African presence. Over 750 legal staff and 175 partners worldwide provide a broad range of commercial services and lead the way in business advice across a variety of industry sectors from telecoms to transport.

About Geo

Launched in 2004, Geo is at the cutting edge of the fibre network industry. Geo owns the newest network in the UK and in 2009 was rated by the Sunday Times Tech Track 100 as the 7th fastest growing technology company in the country. Geo has worked on a number of prestigious projects including a 15 year contract with the Welsh Regional Assembly.

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David Everitt, IT Technical Architect and Quality manager, Denton Wilde Sapte:

“We explored leased line options with added accelerators to reach the required speeds and uptime, however after researching a dedicated solution we found the security to be better and the price to be comparable. Overall a dedicated network from Geo provided a sounder financial investment and the necessary network attributes today and for the future”

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