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Today’s media and broadcast companies need to connect to an increasing amount of locations; whether corporate sites, service providers, storage providers or distribution platforms. Using fibre in its purest form allows the transmission of broadcast-quality, uncompressed content, in the formats known today, and those that the future holds.

We understand that, as a media or broadcast organisation, your challenges are:

  • Building new audiences and monetising content in a tough market
  • Reaching new devices as and when consumers demand more content
  • Migrating physical media to tapeless environments, and ensuring the security, robustness and reliability of those environments
  • Complexity of managing multiple distribution platforms and connectivity to multiple partners, distributers and service providers
  • Contending with the threat to quality of latency, jitter or compression issues

Geo fibre allows you to:

  • Use optical fibre to move your content and help migrate towards a tapeless environment
  • Exploit WDM technology to send multi-channel transmission over a single pair of fibres, such as Fibre Channel and Ethernet
  • Send broadcast-quality content up to multi-terabit capacity over a highly scalable and reliable network, with leading availability statistics
  • Connect to all major media hubs and data centres in the UK and Ireland
  • Be sure that your valuable content is free from latency issues, jitter and quality issues associated with encoders, decoders and compression equipment

The commercial benefits to you are:

  • Complete control over your network, from the choice of equipment to full capacity management
  • Clear sight of your costs with cost-effective, controllable bandwidth upgrades for a lower TCO
  • Bring new channels to market and monetise them quickly
  • Virtually unlimited capacity on your own private fibre, to be fit for future bandwidth-intense requirements such as 4K
  • Rapid access to your content with secure backup and storage

To find out how a Geo fibre network can deliver your valuable content quickly, securely and cost-effectively, contact us now to discuss your requirements

+44 20 3326 9500

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